Clash of Clans: Squad

Date: 02/06/2019

Time: 03:00 PM

Prize Pool: 200

Players: 18/25

Entry Fee: 0.00

This is a free entry Squad Tournament organized by The Online Arena. Format: Single Match Normal Custom Game. Map : Arcade (All Weapons) and Erangel (Asia Squad TPP). A player will be treated as a participant only if he/she had participated through "Join Now" button on the website. If a player gets Room ID and Password of the Tournament Room by any other means than participating through website, he/she will not be entitled for the prize.
S.No.Player NameGame UsernameGame User ID
1 Amaam8377087013GOD?amaan?
2 Abhay Singh BÓNG?ÐEVIL5118042618
3 Faij Ahmadfaijahmed871@gmail.comShibbuAhmed
4 Fajal AnsariDEVIL?FajaL5165348375
5 Debol Sen8013846451579092746
6 Kaushal kishorTNT?Kaus?aL5170650413
7 ParadoXTNT?ParadoX586061080
8 5118011568
9 NEERAJ KUMARnk190829@gmail.com5115948698
10 Pankaj SrivastavaPankaj
11 SAMAD KHANsamad11786@gmail.com5397704538
12 Shabi Ata KhanShaabiAtaKhan5425135250
13 Arbaaz KhanFallenangel873576510056
14 Mohammad Suhaib SirajSuhaibSiraj5153893839
15 Vikram rajputÐàRk?SnIpeR5236097599
16 GOD | PHENOMGOD?Phenom578347765
17 Zaid Hasandeadterminator5143252321
S.No.Player/SquadKillsEntry FeePrizePosition
1 GOD | PHENOM 6Nil2001
How do I participate?

You have to register first by clicking on "Sign Up", then after logging in, you can join any tournament by clicking on "Join Now" and providing your game username and user id. If the participation for a tournament is NOT "Free of Cost", you'll be redirected to our payment partners. Complete your payment and you'll be added to the participants list.